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“The technical support team at Century Software was an integral part in making everything work for us. We were very pleased with the interest they took in our project. They even followed up by calling us for a status of how things were going in the installation process.”
— Dallas Pilcher

What's New at Century Software

Information on the latest products and other news from Century Software.

TinyTERM for Mac 2.1.0 Released

TinyTERM for Mac version 2.1.0 has been updated to a full 64-bit code base, with support added for the latest SSH upgrades.

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS 3.1.2 Released

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS version 3.1.2 fixes several issues across multiple versions of iOS.

TinyTERM Plus for Windows 4.10.0 Released

TinyTERM Plus for Windows now supports OpenSSH 6.7 and displays an on-screen keyboard.

TinyTERM AX for Web 4.10.0 Released

TinyTERM AX for Web improves connectivity, including to OpenSSH 6.7.

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS 3.1.0 Released

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS version 3.1.0 fully supports iOS 9, on any Apple device running it.

TinyTERM for Android 1.2.9 Released

TinyTERM for Android version 1.2.9 updates the SSL and SSH libraries, and adds several keyboard enhancements.

New product: ViewML for iOS

ViewML Industrial Browser for iOS provides a highly configurable web browser with scanner support to allow creation and deployment of purpose-based devices requiring access to HTML5/Javascript applications in modern web environments.

TinyTERM for Mac 2.0.8 Released

TinyTERM for Mac version 2.0.8 fixes several bugs and allows cursor type selection.

iOS 8 Compatibility

Century Software is introducing a new product, TinyTERM Plus, for iOS 8 compatibility. We are discontinuing our ITX and Pro product lines which will not be updated.

TinyTERM Plus for iOS Released

TinyTERM Plus for iOS is a universal binary that runs equally well on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is fully iOS 8-compatible and replaces discontinued products.

TinyTERM ITX Line Discontinued

TinyTERM ITX 2, TinyTERM Pro, TinyTERM ITX 3270 and TinyTERM ITX 5250 for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch have been discontinued. These products are not compatible with iOS 8.

Online Store Back Up

Our online store has returned! You can once again purchase new product, upgrades and maintenance directly online.

Century Announces New Support Policy

As of February 4, 2013, Century will require that all desktop-licensed customers be on a maintenance and support agreement to receive live technical support.

Support Ending for Version 4.65 and Prior

Live support will no longer be offered for TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows version 4.65 and prior.

TinyTERM AX for Web Product Line Released

Secure browser-based access to legacy and mainframe systems via ActiveX control is now available from Century Software!

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