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“The technical support team at Century Software was an integral part in making everything work for us. We were very pleased with the interest they took in our project. They even followed up by calling us for a status of how things were going in the installation process.”
— Dallas Pilcher

What's New in TinyTERM for Windows

The following are some of the new features added to TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows version 4.10.1:

Terminal Emulation Enhancements

  • Added telnet interrupt process as a scripting option
  • Multiple print screen capability for TN3270 and TN5250 emulations
  • Rumba 3270 keyboard layout

Bug Fixes

  • Capabilities query problem in TN3270 resolved
  • 5250 Numeric fields right-adjust and fill with zeros
  • 5250 emulation correctly handles Insert Cursor request in the middle of Write Error Code
  • SSH does not disconnect on arrow or page down through long file
  • Crosshair cursor does not disappear on multiple opens of Session Properties
  • Attribute display fixes in TN3270
  • I/O error resolved while navigating certain 5250 app screens

What's New in Version 4.10.0

Terminal Emulation Enhancements

  • Added SSH support for AES256-CTR encryption and OpenSSH 6.7+
  • Automatically use Windows default printer if no printer selected
  • Added a cusomtizable onscreen keyboard

Bug Fixes

  • SFT extension now registered to Century FTP
  • WinHLLAPI function 99 returning valid P results
  • HLLAPI Function 31 & 32 start properly from the attribute byte
  • Session options do not reset after a ConnectPS
  • Position save works properly with multiple monitors
  • Signed Numeric 5250 fields no longer losing last digit with positive values
  • Script spawn command no longer crashing with blank second argument

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