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End of Product Life for TinyTERM Plus for iOS and Android

End of Product Life for TinyTERM Plus

TinyTERM Plus has reached its end of life as a product for iOS and Android. It has been removed for sale from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, but will still be available for customers who have already purchased the app from those stores. No further updates will be available.

Please consider purchasing TinyTERM Enterprise for your mobile terminal emulation needs.

Licensed Copies of TinyTERM Plus

If you purchased a license for TinyTERM Plus from Century Software, that key will remain valid. TinyTERM Plus will continue to function normally. No further action is needed.

If you used your key with TinyTERM Lite, you can transfer it to TinyTERM Enterprise. To re-use your existing key, login to our Customer Portal. This will show all your purchased licenses. Click on the license key in the left column to view a list of devices associated with your key. Locate your device in that list, then click the red circle to the right of it. That will remove it from the license key.

Next, download TinyTERM Enterprise from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When you start TinyTERM Enterprise, it will request a license key. Enter your key at that time to transfer it from TinyTERM Lite. You can then remove TinyTERM Lite from your device.

New Licenses

For new TinyTERM licenses, please purchase TinyTERM Enterprise.

For questions, please contact us at +1-801-268-3088 option 2, or email

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