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Command-Line Option -a1 Fails with OLE Active

The -a1 command line switch starts TinyTERM and connects it to a specific address. It operates in part by launching TinyTERM to create a temporary connection file, then closing that instance of TinyTERM and launching a second instance to connect using the file created.

This feature was designed to be used with OLE embedding inside Internet Explorer, which would take the place of the connecting instance of TinyTERM. When used at the command line, this can cause the -a1 argument to fail with the message:

Error (4507)

Wrong number of arguments passed to function CreateTAP

When this happens, the following steps will fix the problem:

  1. Open TinyTERM by itself, no command-line arguments
  2. From the Options menu, select Global Preferences
  3. Go to the OLE Settings tab
  4. Select the option Display as stand alone helper application
  5. Click Apply, then OK
  6. Save the settings and exit TinyTERM

After this, launching TinyTERM with the -a1 option will work as desired.

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