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“The technical support team at Century Software was an integral part in making everything work for us. We were very pleased with the interest they took in our project. They even followed up by calling us for a status of how things were going in the installation process.”
— Dallas Pilcher

Archive for the 'SSH' Category

iOS 7 Compatibility

Friday, September 20th, 2013

iOS 7 introduced a number of changes. This causes TinyTERM ITX products — TinyTERM Enterprise, TinyTERM Pro, TinyTERM ITX 2, TinyTERM ITX 3270 and TinyTERM ITX 5250 — to behave differently than under prior iOS versions. In addition to cosmetic issues stemming from the look-and-feel changes in iOS 7, the following issues have been identified:

  • The title bar at the top of the screen overlaps the status bar.
  • The content window, emulator or browser, is 20 pixels too short.
  • The top iPhone configuration color selector displays behind the title bar.
  • Enabling certain Debug Settings can cause an application exception.
  • Username and password popups don’t accept input, requiring that these items be saved in the configuration.
  • The Connect button fails after changing the printer settings from within the configuration.
  • Bluetooth devices such as keyboards and scanners drop characters.
  • With Hide Title Bar turned on, the “show titlebar” arrow overlaps the status bar.
  • Print alignment is incorrect in some jobs.

Note that development on TinyTERM for iPad v1.2.5 and TinyTERM ITX for iPhone v1.0.2 ended in June 2012. These products will not be updated for iOS 7 compatibility.

Content window (emulator or browser) is 20 pixels too short
Update draw code for title bar buttons
Fix iPhone config color selector
Fix debug settings exception
Username and password popups don’t accept input in iOS 7
Connect button fails in iOS 7 after changing Printer Settings
Bluetooth scanners drop characters on iOS 7
With Hide Title Bar turned on, our “show titlebar” arrow overlaps the status bar
Print alignment incorrectNote that development on TinyTERM 1.2.5 for iPad and TinyTERM 1.0.2 for iPhone ended in 2012. These issues will not be resolved for those two products.


Close on Disconnect Fails Using SSH on Mac

Monday, January 21st, 2013

TinyTERM for Mac includes a “Close on Disconnect” option. This causes TinyTERM to close when the current session disconnects. However, it fails with SSH connections, leaving TinyTERM open but disconnected.

CR 1105

SSH1 Support for iOS

Friday, August 17th, 2012

TinyTERM ITX products for iOS support both telnet and SSH connections. However, only SSH2 is currently supported. Century Software has had a request to add SSH1 support.

CR 1059

Support for ~/.ssh/config File

Monday, April 9th, 2012

The optional ~/.ssh/config file allows users to configure server by alias, include the username, and set many other options. Connecting to a host system via this locally-stored file speeds up the process. Century Software, Inc., has received a request to implement support for this on the Mac.

CR 1032

Passphrase Enhancements

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Century Software has received several suggested enhancements for the passphrase used by RSA and DSA keys:

1) Prompt for an optional passphrase when creating keys. When attempting to use the keys, prompt for that passphrase.

2) Optionally allow user, when entering their passphrase, to select to “remember this passphrase”, for “this session only” or “forever”.

3) Allow the user to delete a remembered passphrase.

4) Regardless of whether it is remembered or not, never display it. Use dots or similar to hide the passphrase when generating the RSA or DSA key. This was implemented in TinyTERM for iPad 1.2.4, and TinyTERM ITX for iPhone 1.0.1.

CR 993

Error Reading Private Key

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Configure an SSH connection for an RSA key on TinyTERM ITX for Mac. Add the public key to the host system. As soon as you try to connect, the message “Error reading private key” comes up. Password and keyboard-interactive both work.

CR 989

SSH Won’t Connect with Blank Password

Friday, December 30th, 2011

When using SSH with username/password or challenge-response (keyboard-interactive) authentication, TinyTERM for iPad will not connect if the password is blank. It expects a password to be entered, and the connection fails without it.

CR 984

Settings Button Disappears

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

In TinyTERM ITX for iPhone, generate an SSH key. When that finishes, select the option to email the public key. After the email has finished sending, it returns automatically to TinyTERM ITX. But the title bar is missing and with it, the Settings button that allows you to move back a screen. You have to close TinyTERM ITX and reopen it to get that title bar back.

CR 960, fixed in TinyTERM ITX for iPhone 1.0.1

SSH Connection Hangs After Password

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

When making an SSH connection using username/password authentication in TinyTERM for iPad 1.2.1, the app hangs and the keyboard disappears after entering the password. This does not affect public key authentication.

This is tied to challenge-response authentication on the host. If that is enabled, then the connection hangs.

The best fix is to update TinyTERM for iPad. Version 1.2.2 resolves this issue. If you do not wish to update, disabling challenge-response authentication will also prevent the error. To do that, search for this line in the host’s /etc/ssh/sshd_config file:

ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes

It may be commented out with the # symbol. If so, remove that symbol and change yes to no:

ChallengeResponseAuthentication no

Restart the SSHD daemon on the host after making this change. The connection will work properly at that point.

CR 946

Error Reading Public Key

Monday, August 8th, 2011

TinyTERM for iPad 1.2.0, released on August 3, 2011, will give the message “Error reading public key” on some SSH connections. This is due to a bug in the switch that controls public key authentication. That switch state doesn’t get properly saved if you hit the Done button instead of Connect.

We have a workaround which will fix the problem. Go to TinyTERM’s Configure menu and select your connection. Tap the Manage SSH Keys button. In the resulting screen, turn on the Use public key switch. Hit the Back button. Tap Manage SSH Keys again and turn off public key. Hit Back again, then hit Connect. TinyTERM will connect using password authentication.

You can also work around this problem by disabling RSA authentication on the server. To disable RSA on the host, go to its /etc/ssh directory and edit the sshd_config file. Look for the following two lines:

RSAAuthentication yes
PubkeyAuthentication yes

Change “yes” to “no” on each line. The lines may also be commented out with the # character. If so, remove it from the beginning of the line when making the change. Restart the SSH daemon after making the change.

TinyTERM for iPad version 1.2.1 has been uploaded as well. It became available on August 8. It fixes that switch, and adds in an authentication search for SSH. If the initial authentication fails, it will try the next method made available by the server, and so on, until all available methods have been tried.

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