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64-bit Windows Compatibility

TinyTERM is a 32-bit application. However, it will install properly on 64-bit versions of Windows. You do not need to do anything special to install TinyTERM in these environments.

To run TinyTERM on a 64-bit Windows system, 32-bit compatibility must be installed in the OS. This is automatic in Windows 7 and later versions. No changes need to be made for TinyTERM to work properly in those environments.

For 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista, after installing TinyTERM test it for functionality. If there are any errors, close TinyTERM. Right-click on the TinyTERM shortcut and select Properties from the popup menu. Go to the Compatibility tab. On that tab, select a 32-bit compatibility mode. The “Windows XP service pack 2” option generally works well. TinyTERM will run normally with that option.

Century Software, Inc., has had a request to compile TinyTERM as a 64-bit application for that environment. To date this has not been done.

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