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iOS 8 Compatibility

iOS 8 introduced a number of new features to iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. We have updated our TinyTERM for iOS product line to match.

New Product

TinyTERM Plus for iOS

TinyTERM Plus for iOS is a universal binary that runs equally well on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is fully iOS 8-compatible and replaces our discontinued products. TinyTERM Plus includes support for all our exact terminal emulations – VT420, SCO ANSI, Wyse, IBM 3270 and IBM 5250 and more – and is available directly from Century Software.

Upgraded Products

TinyTERM Lite version 2.1.1

TinyTERM Lite for iOS is a fully iOS 8-compatible universal binary with support for all our exact terminal emulations: VT420, SCO ANSI, Wyse, IBM 3270 and IBM 5250 and more. Previous versions of TinyTERM Lite are not compatible with iOS 8. It is available free from the iOS App Store.

TinyTERM Enterprise version 2.1.1

TinyTERM Enterprise includes all the features of TinyTERM Plus, and adds in a scanner-enabled Industrial Browser and configuration lockdown. Previous versions of TinyTERM Enterprise are not iOS 8-compatible. It is available from the iOS App Store, via volume purchase through the B2B store, or direct from Century Software.

Discontinued Products

Our previous TinyTERM ITX series will be end-of-lifed on September 12, 2014, as they are not iOS 8-compatible. They will continue to run on iOS versions 5 through 7, but they will no longer be developed. We recommend you back up your iOS device if you wish to retain these versions:

TinyTERM ITX 2  for iPad   for iPhone
TinyTERM Pro  for iPad   for iPhone
TinyTERM ITX 5250  for iPad   for iPhone
TinyTERM ITX 3270  for iPad   for iPhone
TinyTERM ITX  for iPad   for iPhone


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