Sync Files

TinyTERM for iOS allows for custom on-screen keyboards and external keyboard layouts. It can also import .ttconfig files created on other mobile devices. And .tpx connection files can be created or edited in TinyTERM Plus for Windows or TinyTERM for Mac as well.

Once your file has been created, any application that allows file sharing with the device can transfer it to TinyTERM. This includes email attachments, iCloud, Dropbox and similar apps. Select the email attachment or the app's share button to import the file. When the sharing dialog comes up, tap on the TT Enterprise icon. TinyTERM will import the file and come to the foreground.

You can also copy a single .ttconfig file to the Files app on the device. Place it in the imports sub-folder inside the TT Enterprise folder. The file will be imported the next time TinyTERM starts.

Using Imported Files

After importing a file, new sessions will display in the list of configurations. New keyboard layouts will be available in appropriate connection configuration. Imported .tpx files are added to the list of configurations, with all available settings maintained.

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