They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what a video clip can do!

We are proud to announce Screencasts! Screencast video clips will assist you in configuring our TinyTERM products as well as troubleshooting. What is a screencast? A screencast is the ability to capture real-time screen shots and movements required to accomplish the set up while a person is explaining what is being done. Basically, a video!

Our first series was on How-To's. How to configure SSH (secure encrypted connection), How to use a script to ensure you are logged off the system before exiting TinyTERM and there will be many more to come.

We are anxious to receive your feedback. Are there topics or issues you would like to see a screencast on? Please respond to and let us know.

Automating Deployment with MSI Installation

Create a custom install that includes all your needed changes. For TinyTERM versions 4.60-4.65 only.

Changing the Printer Font Size

Control the size of printer output.

Managing Licenses Using the Customer Portal

Manage, recover and upgrade TinyTERM licenses online.

Licensing and Registering TinyTERM Plus

Protect your license data by registering your product with Century Software.

Spooling Print Jobs to a Single Page

Condense a print job to the fewest number of pages needed, saving paper and money.

Protecting the TinyTERM Configuration

Protect TinyTERM Plus against changes to the configuration settings.

Using Automated Login

Automate login to save time.

Licensing a TinyTERM Plus Evaluation

Add a purchased license to TinyTERM Plus after installing an evaluation copy.

Managing Multiple Host Connections

Use scripting to select a host and connect automatically.

Installing TERM for UNIX/Linux

Step-by-step instructions for installing TERM from a tar file.

Using the Macro Recorder

Create custom scripts on the fly with TinyTERM's Macro Recorder.

TinyTERM Starts Minimized

Correct the situation where TinyTERM minimizes when first started.

Empty Directory in SecureFT

Correct the situation where SecureFT shows the host directory as empty.

Customizing the Keyboard

Reprogram individual keys for custom actions.

Troubleshooting SSH Connections

Fix common SSH connection errors.

Printing to Your Windows Printers

Three ways to print from TinyTERM to a printer attached to the Windows PC.

Preventing Changes to the Connection Settings

Use TinyTERM Web Server to prevent users from accidentally changing connection settings.

Troubleshooting Network Connections

Common network connection errors and how to fix them.

Preventing Disconnect Before Logout

Require users to logout before disconnecting or closing TinyTERM.

How to Configure an SSH Connection Using RSA

Configure an SSH connection for public/private key authentication.

How to Configure an SSH Connection

Configure an SSH connection for password authentication.