TinyTERM Enterprise

Modernized Terminal Emulation and Scanning for iOS and Android

Century Software is the first major emulation vendor to provide commercial-grade terminal emulation on the premier mobile device and tablet computing platforms. We've been in business over 38 years. Our business has been built on customer satisfaction and our ability to quickly meet your unique needs.

TinyTERM Enterprise provides second-generation secure terminal emulation that offers highly configurable screen modernization, customized onscreen keyboards and an integrated industrial browser to allow the creation and deployment of purpose-based devices requiring access to legacy hosts and modern web applications.

TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS


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TinyTERM Enterprise for Android


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Session Persistence

TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server provides session persistence for TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS and Android clients. This allows TinyTERM Enterprise to connect through the TE Server, which maintains the connection to the UNIX, Linux or mainframe host.

This is especially useful in situations where the mobile device may not have a reliable WiFi connection. If the mobile device loses its connection to TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server, the connection to the host is still available. Reconnecting causes the existing login to come back up on the mobile device, in the same state where it was left off.

Once configured, this is transparent to the user. The connection looks and acts exactly the same as a direct (non-proxy) connection. But it has the added benefit of stability in all circumstances.

License Proxy

TinyTERM Enterprise TE Server can be used as a proxy for the Century Software License Server (LCS service). Using the license proxy can allow for more detailed tracking of clients by optionally forwarding the private IP addresses of devices behind a firewall.

The proxy may also be used as a means to provide access to the license server in environments where the ability to make outgoing connections is limited, as long as the server is hosted on a machine that can make outgoing connections to Century's license server; e.g., a machine in front of a corporate firewall.

In larger corporations, this allows tracking of the internal IP address from each location instead of the gateway IP for the corporation.

Century´s TinyTERM Enterprise product enables the transition from older single-function legacy handhelds to the modern multi-functional iOS and Android ecosystems without any changes to the back-end systems.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting iOS and Android, using both industrialized and consumer devices, to take advantage of their lower cost, increased functionality, and ease-of-use.

Replacing Legacy Handhelds

  • Transition easily from older devices to industrialized or consumer devices
  • Improved productivity, multi-functional uses
  • Deploy up to 5 times as many devices for the cost of one legacy handheld
  • Lower device costs = more devices in service
  • Add more devices to handle new tasks
  • Pilot and deploy new devices with no changes to back-end systems

Giving a Modern Look to Old Screens

Century offers a variety of comprehensive onscreen touch input options to make the user experience the best it can be. Our screen-matching capability displays distinctive keyboards based on the content of the screen. We include an array of pre-designed keyboards and also the ability to customize button size and placement.

Our large number of touch input options allow creating a simple and easy way for users to efficiently operate the device.

Custom Services

Do you need modifications made or new features added that will make TinyTERM easier for your employees to use, that will streamline processes with improved performance and productivity? Century Software’s team can make that happen.

Under your direction, Century can design, build or modify our product to meet your needs. We have many customers who have worked hand-in-hand with Century to make the custom modifications needed for their applications, delivered within a very short timeframe.

Simply let us know what your custom needs are. We can take it from there.

Swipe Between Keyboards

Swipe between keyboard layouts with a simple gesture. Just drag your finger left or right across any keyboard to switch to the next custom keyboard.

Create numerous custom keyboards to aide in data entry and device use on a per-screen basis. Simply use one finger to swipe to select the appropriate keyboard for the screen you are on. Want it to be even easier for users? See Screen-Sensitive Keyboards below for more detailed information.

Screen-Sensitive Keyboards

Create customized keyboards per screen that display only the needed keys for that specific screen. This allows modification of not only the keys displayed, but also the size and location of the keys on the keyboard. This creates streamlined functionality and increased productivity.

Custom Keyboard Colors

Change the foreground and background colors for the on-screen keyboard, and for individual keys. The keys can even change color when they're pressed. Color-code keys for specific tasks, improving processes with quick identification and data entry. Combined with screen-sensitive keyboards, priority tasks become easier to recognize at a glance.

Configuration Flexibility

TinyTERM Enterprise is extremely flexible and can be configured to meet both the general and unique needs of your deployment requirements. Configuration options include customizable keyboards, automation for one-touch start up, key remapping, graphical screens, and more.

The number of rows and columns can also be changed, allowing more or less data to be displayed. The screen viewport and zoom settings are also configurable.

Scanning Made Easy

All major scanning hardware vendors are supported. TinyTERM Enterprise also supports Bluetooth scanners and keyboards.

Hardware Vendors

TinyTERM Enterprise supports a wide variety of external keyboards, integrated scanners, hardware enclosures and other scanning devices, including:

  • Bluetooth
  • Barcode Arena
  • Bluebird
  • Cognex
  • Honeywell
  • IPC
  • Janam
  • Panasonic
  • Scandit
  • Zebra

Software Scanning

TinyTERM Enterprise also provides software scanner support using the built-in camera on iOS devices.

No Back-End Server Required

TinyTERM Enterprise runs as a native client and can be evaluated and deployed without any change to the host or existing critical system infrastructure, and also allows for more functionality on the deployed mobile device. We support highly configurable terminal emulation and onscreen keyboard display capabilities, that allow native or custom keyboards to be used on scan fails or streamlining data entry requirements.

Rather than having to install back-end server software in order to test or deploy a connectivity solution, TinyTERM Enterprise is installed and configured on the client itself, and the configurations then can be uploaded to Century’s license server to be pushed to all deployed clients automatically, with or without an MDM. This alleviates the need by some architectures that require a Windows-based system to run a management console to access the terminal emulation server, and allows updates from the deployed environment, when desired.

Server-based solutions perform most of the functionality on the back-end terminal emulation server, while having a very thin front-end client that is identical across smaller-capability platforms. While this may have been a good idea back in the days of WinCE and limited device capabilities, now very useful functionality can be implemented on the mobile device which greatly enhances the purposed experience. Since the two dominant platforms now are only Android and iOS, there isn’t a good reason to implement a less-functional thin client that sacrifices usability. A server architecture may require separate servers to be purchased and managed based on user count and location, increasing costs, administration complexity, and security requirements.

For locations that require it, session persistence is available through our optional terminal emulation server, which also allows web-based access to IBM and UNIX terminal emulation sessions from devices with no client installation.

Industrial Browser

The included Industrial Browser provides comprehensive scanning capabilities for scanning bar codes into input fields and redirecting QR scan codes to web pages. Full compatibility with all browsers, with extensions for locking down the user interface and custom onscreen keyboards, allows deployment of existing web applications into purposed environments.


Century Software´s security solutions safeguard your critical business and personal electronic communications with the strongest encryption technology available. Based on the SSH, SSL and TLS protocols, Century's products contain strong encryption, cross-platform interoperability, and secure user authentication. These components, integrated into TinyTERM Enterprise, will keep your mission-critical host application data private, safe, and secure.

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