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“I really want to thank you and your company for going beyond in meeting our needs. It's things like this that make all the difference from a customer's point of view.”
— Ronald G. Hoover

Product Downloads

Free Trials and Evaluation Downloads

Century Software offers free downloads of most of our terminal emulation products for testing and evaluation. Desktop product downloads are available directly from Century Software, while mobile downloads are from the application App Store.

A full list of all our products and their download links is below.

Mobile Product Free Evaluations

The easiest method of evaluating our mobile products is by installing one of our free TinyTERM Lite applications from the Apple or Google App Stores. In some cases, mobile applications can be upgraded with a license key from Century Software. After entering your information, an email will be sent to you describing the options available for upgrading after your evaluation.

Desktop and Web Product Free Evaluations

Our desktop and web product downloads are available directly from Century Software. These evaluations require your name, company, email and phone number, after which your download will start immediately. An email will be sent with an evaluation license key for installation.

Purchased Product Downloads

For customers with an existing license or maintenance, product downloads are available by downloading from this page and re-entering your license key, or by logging into the Customer Portal where each license purchased is shown, along with the appropriate re-download link, or new download link for those with maintenance.

Online Store for Purchase

After evaluation, our desktop and mobile products are available for immediate purchase on this page showing all product purchase links.

Desktop Product Downloads

  TinyTERM Plus for Windows  
  TinyTERM for Windows  
  TinyTERM for Mac  
  TinyTERM for Linux  
  TERM for UNIX/Linux (Intel)  
  TERM for UNIX/Linux (Non-Intel)  

Web Product Downloads

  TinyTERM Plus for Web  

Mobile Product Downloads

Century's mobile products are available direct from Century Software or the Apple App Store or Google Play store. It is your choice on how you purchase; however, there are several advantages to buying direct from Century:

  • Full support via online, email and phone
  • Get the latest version first (no waiting on app store approval)
  • Get access to discounted upgrade pricing and bundle deals
  TinyTERM Plus for iOS  
  TinyTERM Plus for Android  
  TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS  
  TinyTERM Enterprise for Android  

Enterprise Evaluation Trials

For those considering custom or MDM/MAM managed applications throughout their enterprise, Century offers manually installed and signed application downloads. Clicking through these links will start the process of talking with our enterprise sales staff to handle more complex installations and evaluations.

  TinyTERM Enterprise Eval for iOS
  TinyTERM Enterprise Eval for Android

App Store

For those who want to purchase small quantities, the following are available from the appropriate App Store. App Store purchases do not include technical support.

  ViewML Industrial Browser for iOS  
  TinyTERM Plus for iOS  
  TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS  
  TinyTERM Plus for Android  

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