Support Ended for TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows Version 4.11.0 and Prior

As of March 2022, Century Software, Inc., has ended support for TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows versions 4.11.0 (released April 2017) and prior. Century Software continues to support versions 4.12.0 (released November 2017) and newer.

Support for TinyTERM AX for Windows has also terminated as of that date, due to the end of ActiveX support in Web browser products.

What this means:

Live support is no longer be offered for TinyTERM for Windows products version 4.11.0 and prior. You will need to visit our online support for technical information and assistance.

You may also upgrade to our latest version of TinyTERM for full support. For upgrade information, please contact our Sales department by phone at +1 (801) 268-3088 or by email at You can also visit our online store.

Downloads for unsupported versions are no longer available. Only supported products are available for download.