Congratulations! You are using Century Software's TinyTERM terminal emulator. Your TinyTERM Emulator package contains these components:

         TinyTERM Emulator For more information on using this new product, see What's New in the TinyTERM Emulator.

         Online Help online help files to help you setup and use the TinyTERM Emulator. For more information on using Help, see Navigating Help.

         Access to Century's Internet site Product and sales information, interesting things about Century Software Inc., a list of value-added resellers, and Technical Support.

         TinyTERM Programmers Reference Manual For instructions on writing and executing scripts in the TinyTERM Emulator

If you can't find the information you need in the documentation, try our support page. It offers quick access to documentation and screencasts, an up-to-date Knowledge Base, and contact information for Technical Support.