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Debug Settings

TinyTERM has a thorough suite of debug options for tracing potential problems. (Century Software's technical support department may request a TinyTERM debug in order to troubleshoot some issues.) This is accomplished via several command-line parameters. Options include debugmask, debugroute and debugfile. These are all preceded on the TinyTERM command line by a dash; e.g.,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Century\TinyTERM\tt.exe" -debugmask comm -debugroute 0x01 default.tpx


debugmask can either be a hexadecimal mask value, or a comma-separated list of settings. Settings include:

Setting Definition
 none  all debug output suppressed (default)
 3270  TRACE_PARSE3270 | TRACE_DUMP3270 | TRACE_IO3270

Multiple arguments are separated by commas, but not spaces. For example, to turn on both comm and 3270 debugging, use this argument:

-debugmask comm,3270

A hex mask provides finer control over which debug options are used. Available masks include:

Mask Definition
 0x00000000  all debug output suppressed (default)
 0x00000001  TRACE_COMINPUT
 0x00000002  TRACE_COMOUTPUT
 0x00000004  TRACE_DIALOG
 0x00000008  TRACE_LOGIN
 0x00000010  TRACE_INTERNAL
 0x00000020  TRACE_DIALOG2
 0x00000040  TRACE_FAILURE
 0x00000080  TRACE_FONT
 0x00000100  TRACE_KEYBOARD
 0x00000200  TRACE_KEYBOARD2
 0x00000400  TRACE_MOUSE
 0x00000800  TRACE_COM
 0x00001000  TRACE_CAPTURE
 0x00002000  TRACE_PRINT
 0x00004000  TRACE_SSH
 0x00008000  TRACE_PARSE3270
 0x00010000  TRACE_PGL1
 0x00020000  TRACE_PGL2
 0x00040000  TRACE_WINDOW
 0x00080000  TRACE_DUMP3270
 0x00100000  TRACE_IO3270
 0x00200000  TRACE_MACRO
 0x00400000  TRACE_SCANNER
 0x00800000  TRACE_RCONFIG
 0x01000000  TRACE_FT
 0x02000000  TRACE_WINHLLAPI
 0x10000000  TRACE_SCRIPT
 0x20000000  TRACE_DPRINTF
 0x40000000  TRACE_TEST
 0x40000000  TRACE_TEMP

Hex masks may be combined by adding the values to get a single hexadecimal number. The leading zeroes may also be left off. For example,

-debugmask 0x106

is the same as:

-debugmask 0x00000106


The debugroute setting determines where the debug information is written:

Mask Definition
 0x00  all debug output suppressed (default)
 0x01  TRACE_DBMON (debug monitor)
 0x02  TRACE_MSDEV (Microsoft developer environment)
 0x04  TRACE_FILE (local text file)
 0x08  TRACE_DEBUGGER (developer environment debug tool)

TRACE_FILE, option 0x04, requires a full path to a text file as an argument:

-debugroute 0x04 C:\Temp\TinyTERMdebug.txt

As with debugmask, these values may be combined. For example, the following option will write to both the debug monitor and a local file:

-debugroute 0x05 C:\logs\TTlog.txt

The debug monitor referenced by mask 0x01 is included in the TinyTERM install, normally at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Century\TinyTERM\dbmon32\dbmon32.exe


The -debug command-line parameter starts TinyTERM in a debug mode that primarily shows internal information. The debug data writes to the debug monitor automatically, as with -debugroute 0x01 above, but no additional argument is needed:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Century\TinyTERM\tt.exe" -debug default.tpx

-debug has been deprecated in favor of the finer control offered by the above options. However, it is still available.

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