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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy TinyTERM for iOS?

A: TinyTERM Lite and TinyTERM Plus are available direct from Century Software or on the iTunes App Store. TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS is available on the App Store or the B2B store for volume purchases, and through direct purchase from Century Software, Inc. For details, please contact our Sales department at or +1-801-268-3088 option 2.

Q: What are the differences between TinyTERM Lite, TinyTERM Plus and TinyTERM Enterprise?

A: TinyTERM Enterprise includes UNIX/Linux, TN3270 and TN5250 emulations, along with our industrial browser for scanning into Web-based applications. It also includes the ability

TinyTERM Plus has all the terminal emulation features of TinyTERM Enterprise, but does not include multiple session support or the industrial browser.

TinyTERM Lite is free to download. It has a limited keyboard that does not include function keys, Tab or Esc. It can be upgraded to TinyTERM Plus or TinyTERM Enterprise through an activation key code. For details, please contact our Sales department at or +1-801-268-3088 option 2.

Q: What connection types are supported in TinyTERM?

A: TinyTERM supports telnet and SSH connections for UNIX/Linux emulations, and telnet and SSL for TN3270 or TN5250. Connections can run over wifi or 3G networks.

Q: Which authentication types does SSH include?

A: TinyTERM Enterprise includes both SSH1 and SSH2. User/password and keyboard-interactive authentication are both available. TinyTERM also supports both RSA and DSA keys in sizes from 512 to 4096 bits.

Q: Does TinyTERM include Unicode support for languages such as Japanese and Chinese?

A: TinyTERM does not include support for the full Unicode character set at this time.

Q: How much of the emulator screen does the keyboard cover?

A: It covers about half the screen in landscape mode, but it doesn't have to cover the emulator screen at all. TinyTERM can dynamically resize the emulator window when the keyboard comes up, so that no information gets hidden behind the keys. Or the keyboard can be made transparent, so the emulator text isn't resized, but can still be read underneath the keyboard.

And in portrait mode, the keyboard never covers the terminal screen, unless it is set as transparent. Then it covers about the bottom third by default.

Q: The default iPad keyboard doesn't include all the terminal keys. Does TinyTERM include function keys, arrow keys and the like?

A: Yes. TinyTERM has several keyboard layouts, all of which include function keys F1-F12, all four arrow keys, Ins, Del, End, Home, PgUp, PgDn, Esc, Tab, Ctrl and Shift.

When using an external keyboard, the Option key can be used in place of a Ctrl key. For example, Option-C is the equivalent of the terminal Ctrl-C. Also, Option-1 through Option-0 equate to F1-F10 from an external keyboard.

Q: So it will use an external keyboard?

A: Yes. TinyTERM supports both dock and Bluetooth keyboards.

Q: Are there also PF1-PF4 keys for VT emulations?

A: The F1-F4 function keys act as PF keys for VT100, VT220, etc. The VT220 (STD 437) keyboard layout also includes PF1-PF4, Help and Do keys.

TN3270 and TN5250 emulations support the full range of function keys, PF1-PF24.

Q: How do I restore the keyboard when it's hidden?

A: Just double-tap the screen. This works in landscape or portrait mode.

Q: Can the keyboard be modified?

A: Yes. Instructions are on this page.

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