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Century Software, Inc.

Corporate Offices, Salt Lake City, Utah

Century Software develops, markets, and supports advanced Web-to-host, desktop and mobile networking solutions for the worldwide market. Our products provide superior terminal emulation and network file sharing technologies to help individuals and corporations bridge dissimilar operating systems to access legacy information from anywhere, at any time. Using standard Internet technologies, Century Software's suite of TinyTERM products offers intuitive user interfaces and powerful tools to access UNIX and IBM host data and applications to virtually anyone.

Company Facts

Founded: 1985

Executive Team:
Gregory Haerr  President and Founder
Gregory founded the company in 1985. With more than 28 years of experience as a computer scientist, Gregory is a specialist in operating system and compiler language design, interpreters, and communication protocols. His management and engineering experience includes extensive work in connecting PCs to UNIX and IBM mainframes. In addition to overseeing the management of the company, Gregory heads the development of the company's flagship TinyTERM products. Gregory earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego.

Jason Kingan  Director of Research & Development
Jason has 18 years of software development experience and has held such positions as Software Engineer, Lead Developer / Designer and Chief Software Designer. His experience includes work on X.25 communication drivers and custom IVR systems. Jason has also worked in designing voicemail and IR systems, creating call accounting packages in Windows NT, porting UNIX-based software to the Windows NT platform as well as engineering web interfaces.

Financials: Privately Held, No Debt

Products: The TinyTERM family of products provides secure client access to UNIX and IBM host data and applications through a standalone, Web browser or thin client interface. TinyTERM is compliant with a wide range of host systems and servers, including UNIX, Linux, DEC and HP, and supports standard protocols. Accessing office systems is simple and efficient.

Distribution: Century Software products are sold nationally through a two-tier distribution system and worldwide through a network of distributors, value added resellers and OEMs.

Users: Century Software has a broad user base in over sixty countries.

Century Software, Inc.
6465 South 3000 East Suite 104
Holladay, UT 84121
Office: (801) 268-3088
Sales: (801) 268-3088 x2 or
Technical Support: (801) 268-3088 x5 or


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